Cross-Region PvP Queue?

Central EU, has dwindled into nothing.

Would cross-region queues be possible?
If not, would it be possible to implement “PvP points” for sitting in queue?

now imagine Legion Raids in EUW lobbies 0. No one plays pvp mate.

Then why even bother releasing PvP continent Rowen?

Its every Saturday from 12-14 like that … dont cry get over it , at the other timeframes it takes on EUC about 10-12 minutes

you play the first time, and then cry … dude i play that gamemode since 6 months its always at that time like that …

Who is crying? you…
I just gave my idea of what could be done to make it run hopefully more fluently.

Thinks 6 months is along time xD

They did a few other attempts in KR at making PvP relevant and failed miserably. Still, content was made, so why not release in global version, even tho it is garbage?

They still haven’t noticed that core gameplay in PvP is just not workable. There is too much CC that is way too easy to apply. They should just play some MOBA and take notes; in fact if I remember correct they have plans to release some kind of MOBA game mode for Lost Ark - maybe then it will be half decent, tho I doubt they will touch PvP skills.

Well, that hurts to read :,(
But very good answer, Thank you.