Cross-server on chaos gates please

I play on Vern (SA) because on launch the server I wanted to play was completely full. Now, Vern is a desert, which I wouldn’t mind but it brings a weird struggle

I can never find ANY people to do chaos gates with.

When I do, it’s 5 people at most. A lot of times I join in a completely empty chaos gate or I can only manage to bring 3 people in. It’s so weird

Anyways, I have no ways to get the secret map at the end by myself and it feels like it’s a whole mechanic that’s impossible to use now. I won’t start from scratch on a new server bc I’m a casual player, no time for that, but I wanted to enjoy the happiness of gold making that players from other servers have.

A couple of ways to manage this maybe:

  1. Making it cross-server like guardian raids and chaos dungeons;
  2. Having a way to know how many people are inside which gate before joining them;
  3. Making them possible to finish solo, maybe a buff for solo players;
  4. Letting me leave this server without losing my stuff.

Anyways created an account just to post this, since I imagine most forum users aren’t having this problem, but please save us latinos :pray:


Which Tier Chaos gate cause most people are doing Tier 3 chaos gates

Are you bot? :robot:

Tried 1 and 2, joining T3 now to check @Makendu

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beep boop?

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Bumping this.

On Kurzan (SA) I couldn’t do the 1415 Gate during the Weekend because during the day, afternoon or night, there was no more than 3 people at the gate. I checked in multiple main timeslots. During the weekdays, around 7, 8PM, sometimes there’s like 8 players, so it’s a bit manageable, but obviously shows that the server is quite empty.

To be fair, once in a while the only big guild on the whole server goes there in bulk. These are the only situation where you’ll see more than 6 people at the Chaos Gate in this server it seems.

Merges, transfers, cross-server are quite necessary in this stage.

The hype that justified dozens of servers is gone.