Crown drops doubt

I started the Stream 44minutes late,but still i couldnt reach the full drop and stopped at 44% why??
I left the computer running all time,did someone get It.

It’s till march 7, just watch any lost ark twitch creator to further decrease the percentage.

Crown will stream lost ark everyday for a week.

Yes your progress is saved


uh, because 2hrs stream probably won’t fulfill the 4hrs requirements? Probably?


They are streaming all week, youll get the 4 hours

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As i said i was sleeping and didnt see a single bit of the steam,i thought maybe my computer froze and i didnt get it all the way though.

Thanks everyone for answering me!

But yet, you created a post about blaming Crown and not your own failure to comprehend?

This is just classic!!!

you lack reading comprehension,where did i blame anyone?
I just asked a simple question and it was already answered,you need to take a chill pill, jesus christ

can someone explain?
We just have to watch a stream and then we get a pet?

For the Saphia fox pet yes. There are also other drops from another event starting today.