Cry from the heart

Cry from the heart.

I would like to thank the developers of this wonderful game, because back in 2019, a simple European military man and a nice journalist from a country (which is not on the list of allowed ones) met in it. It was a wonderful time, because it all gave me a really dear person to me, who became my husband.

Since yesterday, we have not had the opportunity to play together and enjoy not only the game, but also each other’s activities. In fact, for some, this is just another game in which a lot of time and money has been invested, for us, this is the beginning of our love story and an amazing mental connection. What a pity that the European server can no longer give us something we loved very much. Today we made a difficult decision to leave forever, in spite of something played over 800 hours, we will continue to develop on RU.
I hope the measures taken were worth it.

A cauldron in hell is already ready for toxic players.
Good luck to everyone, and believe in the best, miracles happen <3


I didn’t know it was possible to find love in Lost Ark maybe my significant other is a bot. All jokes aside congratulations.

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Yes, I agree and congratulations to the both of you. It’s a pity that AGS chose the scorched earth method that affected real players as well. Hope you find happiness on the RU server.


This was super wholesome! I hope everything works out!

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I wonder how many potatoes I will need to give someone to have them love me IRL…not sure I’m ready for that kind of a grind.

Sucks that LA is set on ruining player experience due to their inability to deal with bots.

Putin server best server! :star_struck:

Unfortunately, no. It has more stable ping. :pensive:

Congratulations! I actually met my SO on Marvel Heroes (if anyone remembers that) before we moved to playing FFXIV together. We’re also feeling the weight of Amazon’s decisions.

Wish you both the best and that you continue enjoying the game in another region/wherever you can connect!

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