Crypto Miners are botting Lost Ark

With the crypto market crashing, crypto miners who require thousands of dollars to pay for upkeep for equipment, electricity, and wages are using it to farm currencies in free to play games instead.

With the current state of the crypto mining economy, this botting problem will only get worse, as Lost Ark is an easy target for big operations with hundreds of GPUs to bot Lost Ark for gold.

It won’t be long until more crypto miners with larger operations hit Lost Ark harder than it already is by a small minority who are running hundreds of bots.

For the forseeable future, any bot-able free to play game with any chance of generating more revenue than hashing coins is going to be the target.

The botting issue will not get better until the crypto market becomes profitable again.

Now, I am not disagreeing with you. I just want to say, it’s not a small minority running hundreds of bots.

It’s basically companies running 10s, possibly 100s of thousands of bots