Crystal aura compensation

How about giving everyone 30 days crystalin aura as compensation?
Most of the time its not active or we cant play because of queues while this service runs out every day … the 3-day aura we got is definitly not enough…


Haha nice try. They will lose MILLIONS. It’s amazon man what you can do? I pay $100 for plat founder and I’m not able to play. I feel sorry not for the money but for the experience.

amazon is the only worst thing about Lost Ark. This is what happens when a parcel delivery company buy their way into the gaming industry. I call them rookies.

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I also have the platinum pack, they clearly already made much more money than expected and they will earn more money in the long run if they keep their playerbase instead of throwing them away.

So compensation for stuff we payed but cant use is the least.

Yeah - better another Gaming Company would have taken Lost ark !

Seems like they can’t learn from Past Experience.
I swear by god i will never touch a AGS game again!