Crystal Benefactor Title "New Title"

I noticed on like day 2 or 3 that every time you do something in game that takes you through a loading screen the game registers the Crystal Benefactor title as a “new” title and has the red dot over Roster icon letting you know you have a new title. Is the game doing this for anyone else? It’s getting really freaking annoying.


I’m pretty sure it does this for everyone. It annoys me so much that I don’t pay for crystalline aura now, I just use the free ones.

Now that the majority of the bs is fixed I think it’s time to do something about this. It’s so annoying to play with. I hate notification bubbles

Came to the forum to check if that happens to anyone else, I have been quite annoyed by this bug in the last couple days since I used the aura for the first time. I hope they fix it soon. :confused: