Crystal packs vs skin prices

So you see a nice skin you want for 2400 Royal Crystal and think, I might buy that but then you go to purchase the Crystals only to realise you can only buy 1000, 2200 or 5750+.

So the minimum you need to spend is £17.59 for 2200 PLUS £8.79 for 1000 meaning you have to spend a minimum of £26.38 for ONE SKIN that is CHARACTER BOUND!! You are left with 800 and will soon realise that anything else you might want will probably be 840 to 1000.

These prices are ridiculous for what you actually get and on top of that they make it so you have to spend much more then you actually want. I know they done this on purpose and they will never change it so I am never buying anything from their store!!

Edit: Yes I know they are not the first company to do this but that doesn’t mean anything, just because others have, does not mean they have to. There are plenty of other games that sell skins and make it easier and more affordable.


It is a free game and you complain that to buy a SKIN you have to pay 27€? Tell me, how are they going to make money, please, maybe you are a genius of how to run an f2p game so that it generates profits and we don’t know

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First of all, the pricing here is in pounds, that’s €32.

Second of all, it is simple, give a crystal pack for 2400 or reduce the price to 2200 so we can buy one crystal pack for the skin, not two. Second, if the skins were about £15 each (that’s €18) then I would buy multiple skins on multiple characters, but make me spend £26 (even if I get to keep 800 Crystal) then I will not buy any skins at all.

It’s the principle that they are making us buy more then we need so that we have spare Crystals sat doing nothing making us want to buy more. It is a pathetic tactic to get people to spend money and one that companies need to stop using.


what did you expect from a free to play korean mmo. This is just a glorified mobile game.


The prices are fine for me, the problem is that the skins are Char bound, that’s so stupid.
I will never buy a skin because of this


That they are character-bound for that price is what is ridiculous, although I also think the prices are too high. If they were made to be more like part of a collection where, once bought, the skin is added to your “wardrobe” and usable by all your characters on that server/region, then they’d be more appealing to pay up real money for… and might help justify the cost


Here you are complaining about 32€ when i came from BDO where one skin is between 37€ and 42€ KeKW if you like the game get the skin if you don’t, don’t simple as that. Don’t look for value in a cash shop in a free to play game ofc thy know how to make it just that little bit inconvenient for you to make you spend that “small” amount more. I dont like it no one likes it but what you gonna do we won’t change it in a forrum post so there.

Dont you have phones? Tadaaaa
Is this game Diablo IV mobile?

If they done that then maybe it would justify it but the big problem there is they would probably still be class bound as they are clearly made for specific classes. However, the GS skin i was looking at may look good on an assassin but the liklihood of them allowing this is slim at best.


I know this is a different genre so it is not directly comparable but look at fortnite… living oroof that free to play doesnt gave to mean ridiculous skin prices.

I think that what they dont realise is that if skins were cheaper rhey might make less per sale but they would make more sales probably leading to a higher profit in total.

It may have originally been korean but Amazon made up these prices so that’s no excuse!


You can also play the game and convert gold into gems to buy it for essentially free.
Does fortnite have the option to farm cash shop currency through ingame means?

what i dont like is that i have to buy skins for every char. makes me sick if i should spend 100-200€ per skin sale event for chracter and server bound skins. on top you spend 10€ for aura.
thats too expensive
in world of warcraft you pay 11eur per month and have access to all skins account wide + you can farm the skins in game and have no additional costs

i think we should get 1000 royal crystals per month if we buy the aura with real money.


Yes… through the battle pass, even if you don’t pay for it.

Honestly I’d rather pay a subscription and have a transmog system then buy skins like this.

Through the battlepass you get a VERY small amount of gems with which you can’t do anything - you also get a small amount of gems as a daily and various achievements.
I’m talking about a constant supply of cash shop currency that you can farm as you please and not the limited amount of gems that you get through timegated systems.

You say you are not talking about gems through timegated systems yet you talk about buying them with gold. Can anyone just jump into the game and farm gold straight away? No, you have to progress further into the game before you can get a constant supply of cash shop currency. Whereas in fornite, anyone can jump in and be earning those vbucks within a day. I have 24 hours in the game across 4 characters and have not earned much gold (infact, the gold I do have may have been from chests or something, I don’t know). So in a way, the gems in this game are timegated!

On top of that, how easy do you think it will be in a few months to do this? The value of these gems is going to increase a LOT as more players level up and get more gold. It will get to a point, very quickly, where it is not as easy or simple as you make it seem to get this cash shop currency.

Edit: You can see the crystal prices going up already, 5 days ago It was 100 gold per 100 crystals. Now, it is 370 gold and still rising rapidly.

A Skin costs up to 1000 (purple) Crystals at moment. Ther is a Crystal Box, which costs 1100 Royal Crystals and you get 2600 (purple) Crystals. Ok, it is 1 time only and you can not transfer Royal Crystals, but at least you get 2 Skins for the (purple) Crystals and you will have 1100 Royal Crystals left.

And FYI: It is normal for Free2Play games, that you can not buy the exact amount of Premium Currency you need. That the Box ciosts 1100 and your only options are 1000 or 2200, that is on purpose.

The logic behind that is “Oh, I have XY Crystals left, if I buy Z more, I coul use all of them” It’s a sceme to make more money.

All i mentioned does not make it better, but there is at least the “1 time” Chest. That we can not trade Royal Crystals is on purpose too. ^^ Otherwise ppl who had 100-200 left could trade them and it would be enough to buy the 1000 Royal Crystal pack. Thee are items in the Shop you can not buy with gold, like Char Slots.

Wbr, shnoopx

Thank you for letting me know this, it does not solve the problem but it is nice to have and I may well buy it if the price is reasonable.

This I know and did talk about in a comment above but does saying monkey see, monkey do, make it all ok? I don’t think so. I understand why they do it but I don’t think it is ok to do. It would be like going into a clothing shop to buy some £50 shoes and they tell you that you have to use a voucher and the vouchers only come in £40 or £90. No one would put up with that but we all just accept that is how it is in games?

This is have no problem with at all.

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Some GAMES got that pricetag and you want to tell me that 30 bucks for a skin is justified?
I mean this isnt CSGO in which the playerbase does decide how the prices are going…
Those are fixed prices for cosmetics… Back in the days at the time games started with stuff like this it wasnt nearly as high priced as it is now. They know people pay for it.
The Royal Crystals and therefore the blue crystal packs are way to expensive… WAY TO EXPENSIVE…
Inflation, war, covid… and we have 30 bucks for a skin? nah dude.