Crystaline aura and shop missing


On Neria, it’s been 3 days the shop is “under maintenance” and the crystalline aura is not available, I know there is a post for this already here:

This topic

But like I said, it’s been 3 days without being able to retrieve packs, open the shop, having the aura… and like 70 % of my guild have the issue

The game isn’t p2w anyway. What do you need a shop for? :laughing:

Same problem. But no response has been received so far …

@monkeypaw Skins :3

Anyway, same here. 30 day aura inactive and shop not working for me on Neria since f2p launch.

Same problem.

Character name: Netral
Server: Neria

It’s not working for second day now.

I’ve been creating the topic, but thank You AI for showing me this1 i’ll just paste what i wrote there.

First of all, thank You for bringing the game to Europe.
This amount of players, is a clear statement, that we should have it sooner !
With all of those queue’s problems, server blowing. I’ve come with some other problem
My Shop is in maintenance(since friday), once i changed my bifrost it sayed that it consumed my 5850 royal crystals (in the text box) and 50 blue crystals.
From 2 days i have no benefits from crystal aura, which is ridiculous because i’ve added already 33 days to my roster.
It has returned to me once on first day (saturday) when it dissapeared, but once i relogged. It has dissapeared completely and i have no Crystal Aura benefits, since that day. Can’t buy it, can’t do honestly anything with this :|.
There are many things that could’ve been done better during this launch, but many things that could’ve been done worse.
For what is worth, thanks for looking into my problem, im keeping fingers crossed for You guys there !”