Crystaline Aura disappear

Hello, i have missing crystaline aura since yesterday. There were information that it should come back while playing, but after few hours i still don’t have my aura. Also didn’t receive T3 Twitch drop. What should i do?

Hi @Whain Welcome to our community :man_mage:

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this have cause, we are aware of the issue with the Crystaline Aura, we are working to solve this as quick as possible, please check this post about the issue:

Regarding the twitch drops inform you that our development team and the Twitch team are already aware about Twitch drops not being reflected on players account after having all account connected, and are working as quick as possible to solve this situation.

Have a great day! :dragon:

Is there any estimated time when it might be fixed? Because during play im losing bonuses that aura gives, also aura times