Crystaline Aura - Free Ocean Liner

50% off the ocean liner doesn’t cut it.
If I chip out my hard earned cash, this should be free.

I refer to those answers:

@Zeromar Exactly same deal. If I pay 10 bucks a month, then I would like to see the ocean liner being free and bifrost being 1h cooldown.
Feel free to disagree, but this is my opinion.

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Thats ok, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
Then try work on your wording, because you are not being scammed just because you feel like you dont get the value out that you expect.

liner is quite expensive when compared to just sailing’s cost.
So I get that 50% is somewhat reasonable while still being more expensive than sailing, you are “paying” to get there quicker.
While bifrost, our cds should honestly be reduced…

Then again, you dont need to pay real $ either to get aura either…

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Give an inch, take a mile.


50% discount isn’t an issue here. The alternative is you pay full price.

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