Crystaline Aura is not working

Same Issue,

no shop, no Aura

this server just seems to be majorly broken.

same same on NERIA

same issue

Region : EU
server : Thrian
name : sianclavera

it was fixed yesterday but today still i got this problem and i couldnt collect my chaos dungeon items because other inventory got bugged

Kadan server, Character name Feerless.

I never got the founders pack aura, when I clicked the item.

After a week I chose to activate the amazon prime 5 day aura which has worked without issue, as has the compensation aura.

I just want you guys to give me another 30 day aura wing item, to compensate for the one that didnt work from the founders pack.

Signed - after 12 Days without any problems now my Aura is gone as well. Seriously guys, what is going on? I started the game 4 Hours ago - it said it is active, when I was online It said it’s not active. Now restarting the game it’s not showing as active.

Founderpack with 2 30 Day Auras + 3 Day “Sorry” Extra

Server: Asta
Charname: Aendieh

My cristals and aura buggeddd

Steam ID: 76561198284496432
Region: EU
Server: Zinnervale

same same
Server: Eu-Neria
Charname: Malavee

Same issue here.

IGN: Linyala
Server: Thirain

Also I didnt receive any of the twitch drops, even though I claimed them all.

My cristals and aura bugged.

In game name: Gamebler
Region Eu
Server: Zinnervale

Not working here either. Should have 20+ remaining days of aura (30 from founder and 3 from the compensation since early access launch). My crystals are also gone and I cannot access the in-game store. This is absurd.

Server: Zinnervale
Character: Morlana

It also happened to me
Char: Tionei
Server: Zinnervale
Region: EU Central

Same problem, bought a 30 days of crystalline aura and its gone after 2 days.
Server: Antares
Character name: Naovir

Same here, aura is gone, crystals are gone, can’t open shop and the extra founder’s pack is gone from product inventory

Same here: a few minutes ago my 30 day aura gone, cant open shop, missing crystals, missing extra pack from product inventory.

Server: Kadan
Name: Mollior

The same problem for me now… I just active my cristalline aura 5 days ago and now when i enter, the aura dissapear
Server: Kadan
Region: EU
Character: Meliisandre

same problem here… aging

Server: zinnervale
Region: EU
Character: sampisa

Same here. No Aura anymore.

Server: Asta
Region:Central EU
Char: Blackedout

So, the update its in 2077?

Exactly the same issue.

Extra founder’s pack also not in my inv to claim anymore.

Everything seems to be gone rn

lost my crystalline aura,was i got from buy apprentice starter pack
Region: EU-Central
Server: Thirain
Character: Evonybee