Crystaline aura missing and Shop down

Hi all, my in game name is Seretur aswell and i’m in the EU server called Neria.
I’m playing since the day1 of prerelease and i’m actually close to ILVL 600 but in the last 3 days i had a huge problem.
My in game shop isn’t working and my crystalline aura gone too, i’ve playied for several hours since the start, actually i’m close to 90 hours but i need the stuffs that i paid for.
In the last day i’ve tried to log in few times in the morning when there’s no queue but the bug seem impossible to fix, i’m basically losing the chance to use my aura.
Hoping you can do something about i’ll wait patiently for a solution and for something to “pay” me back for those troubles, in the end i’ve lost at least 3 days of aura already activated.

Hi @Seretur welcome to our community :dragon:

I’m so sorry that you are having this issues with the Crystalline Aura and the shop, this sounds very frustrating and we want you to experience the game at its fullest.

We are currently aware of this issues and are working as quick as we can to solve them in a future patch, please check the following link for more information on this issue:

Thanks do much for your patience! :man_mage: