Crystaline Aura Still Missing and Founderspack still not receiveable


I read your Post yesterday about the fix that should activate the Crystaline Aura again and that you gave people a second Founderspack if they want to start new or just to get a “damage payment”.
But my problems still persist, i started the game last 3 days and stayed online for about half an hour to check on my Crystaline Aura, it is still disabled and wont turn on.
The second “Silver Chest” from the “Founders Package” i bought still wont show up in my mailbox also, i saw it on friday once but didnt collect it, since the day after my aura and my chance to receive the chest from the mail is gone and the Support still wont answer my ticket also.
I waited 90 minute in Chat queue to not get connected and then send a ticket which doesnt get replied on.
I mean i think the bad launch and everything is super bad and especialy since you dont seem to be able to fix the queue.
But what i find realy displesing and will result in not buying a product ever again from you is the aura i won’t receive, which i paid for and getting no answer from the support since 2 or 3 days and basicly get blocked.
I even send them a message that they can delete my account if they want and just give me my 24 bucks back but not even this seems to be possible.
I paid 24€ now basicly to sat in queue for about 50-60 hours up until now and when im able to play i got the Crystaline Aura for about 70% of the time and now its gone completly since days.
It should be possible to help people or at least answer them so they now whats going on ?
Because since your post says you seem to have fixed the problem i am majorly confused and mad about paying you money for this.