Crystalline area disappeared and shop off for 3 days

good evening, I have been with the crystalline aurea off for 3 days and the shop has also been off for 3 days now, it is unacceptable since I spent 100 euros to get these benefits that I do not have. I find myself very embittered since I cannot use shop, crystals, chrysstalline advantages. I am being penalized compared to the others so I therefore ask you to solve the problem immediately or to bring everyone to the same conditions

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steam id 76561199154178239

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Same here steam id: 76561198362325380


same ID Steam: 76561198236889956

Hello @emanuelamodeo and welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

I’m truly sorry about the Crystalline Aura - Shop situation, at this moment our devs team are working non-stop to solve this situation and we certainly appreciate your patience with this matter.

I will also make sure to add your cases to the escalation that we are doing regarding this.

You can find more information in the below post:

Have a good day! :leaves: