Crystalline Aura account wide? Deleted character with founders pack redeemed


I redeemed my founders pack on Akkan server, but since friends were playing on another server I also created on the new server. When I redeemed the pack, I had the Crystalline Buff.

I wanted to free up the name, so I deleted the character (thinking I would get another founders pack in the future, and that the Crystalline Buff is account-wide) but it seems that the Crystalline Buff has also disappeared and is not active on the new server (Valtan - same region).

I paid for not only the items but also the buff, and now it is not in effect at all. Can you confirm if the Crystalline Buff will be provided as part of the additional founder pack items, or if it should be account-wide?


Is there any clarity here?

My Crystalline Aura from the founders pack has disappeared. Is this character, roster, or server based?

Please let me know if possible.

Curious also. My stuff has only worked on my main server (Zinnervale) for my roster and not any other servers, yet today I had Crystalline status on my alt server (which never had it) and now don’t have it on my main server on which it was redeemed -_-

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I sent a ticket to Support, and they replied to say that this is an ongoing issue and they have added my info to their investigation ticket. FYI!

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