Crystalline Aura and Crystals are Disappeared

My Crystalline Aura and Crystals are Disappeared I have over 10 days more!!!

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This is likely related to the Commerce Server being under load during the weekend. After waiting a while these items should show up for you in game.

You can find more information on our Update on Current Top Issues post here: Update on Current Top Issues

FFS, can you fix the game???
3 weeks later and marketplace + aura benefits are off over & over again, where is all the compensation for this trash? Have to pay for each teleport while i cant use my pet function for which paid real money as a customer!

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And there is no load, thats not an excuse, during the week had all the time queue 10k+ , today almost no queue but aura & marketplace if OFF on KADAN. Maybe ban the chat spammers bots to do not have load also…

“After waiting a while these items should show up for you in game.” Not working, is off since hours !

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I’m in Kadan too!

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Acording to server status webpage there is no load at all:

Is this related to My game no longer being showed as installed on my computer? If I have to reset all my key binds or my characters are no longer there I’m definitely quitting… not going through all this bs to play

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Could be , i closed the game , is game issue but definitely not server overload issue, they need find the root of this problem for good.

Commerce server is separate from the game server guys. Pretty sure it spans your entire region as well.

Ok thx for the heads up, idk that i’m not a developer but it seems not even them know what’s the issue since there is no overload this time.

Are working again !

Aura isn’t working for me as well. Have multiple weeks left.
Shop doesn’t work as well.
Verified game file integrity and restarted the game multiple times without effect.
Launcher says “Crystalline Aura applied”.

Please fix ur game.

(server = Asta)

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