Crystalline Aura and Maintenance

So, was wondering…what’s the deal with this? A lot of us are barely getting any use out of our paid for Crystalline Aura, because the short period when we’d normally be able to play during the day (after work/study/family stuff) is being taken up with maintenance, day after day, with our Aura timers still ticking down. Is something going to be added to Aura timers to counter this loss, or is it just money going down the drain at this point?

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I dont think there has been any official announcement about it but given how much downtime we’ve had over this opening week I would assume that we will most likely see compensation of some sort. Most likely will not happen until they manage to stabilize the servers.

Yeah I’m hoping so- one of my good friends activated 3-day Aura on the day of that first 3-hour maintenance. He’s managed to play maybe 3 hours over the last few days due to the maintenance cutting off most of his playable time period. I feel pretty bad for the guy