Crystalline Aura, and my Twitch Drops not appearing

I bought the bronze founder’s pack on day one of the game servers being up and i opened my founders pack and everything the same day and used it all on that character.

I switched from Galatur to Aldebaran after hearing that my friends could 1. make characters there, and 2. i would be getting an additional founders pack with the cat and the title again.

Since i switched to Aldeberan, my game has not once loaded my Crystilline Aura, or given me my twitch drops. The drops keep ending up in the inv of the character on Galatur and my Crystilline Aura isn’t working on Aldeberan but is working only on Galatur character…

Should i delete the character and maybe the game will correct itself?? What do i do here?
I’d like to still get the items i paid for as well as my crystilline aura and twitch drops…

My character on Galatur is name Gobblea
And my Character on Aldeberan id like to have all my drops and founder’s pack and crystalline aura on is named Gobbled

EDIT: Also just to mention the drops that i earned have not showed up all day until i logged into my char on Galatur, and now they show in my product inv on Aldeberan but i literally still cannot claim them on Aldeberan. and my 37 days of Crystilline Aura appear on Galatur character too but not on my Aldeberan char… please fix this…

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i have the same issue

Hi, there!
Having the same issue if someone finds a fix it would be super great !

Agreed, im gonna be mad if they cant fix it.

i changed servers to play with friends, kinda feel sad now tbh xD

same problems here no aura but bought pack

Same issue here. Changed servers to play with friends and the new character doesn’t have aura active

Hi, i have same issue … i buy phounder pack and my crystaline aura in game is off from more than 24 hours !!!
Guys fix it and give me/us compensation for it … we paid for this product

it is my third day without aura :slight_smile: it sucks to not have pet perks. Also spent too much money for teleporting around. I will be mad if they don’t give me any compensations.