Crystalline aura buff off

Hi im wondering if there will be any Compensation for the buff to not work properly? or you expect us to just play without it or not to play at all?

Have a great day

Love Tuc

Mine just ran out yesterday, and tbh I actually really enjoyed it and used it.
Worked fine for me.
Honestly considering spending the $10 for the 30day Aura buff…
What’s your opinion(and anyone else’s that sees this) on the buff? Did you buy the buff again?

Those that brought the early start…got a 30 day buff as well…plus a 3 day extension…but that’s wasted now due to inability to login…and earlier today my buff was off for hours before I had to go out…I think the 3 day buff that everyone got expired and got removed…but system forgot about the 30 day one.

Oh, I never bought any of the packs beforehand, I just received the 3day. I loved it tbh and am really considering buying just the boost again.
Also, I’m using the Adrinne Server and haven’t had any login issues or queue times.