Crystalline Aura Bug


For some reason my Crystalline Aura isn’t working, have tried following some suggestions like verifying the game files on Steam and restarting the game but, none of them worked sadly.

Am playing on the European Servers.
Slen being the server name.
Lusetifan is my one and only character.
Steam ID is 76561198083961504

Hi @Lusetifan_Shadow!

I’m sorry for the issues you’ve had with your Aura.

As known, this was a general issue affecting items such as Aura, Twitch Drops, Loot, etc, and the product inventory as well. It should be working now since there’s been some maintenance going on lately, where they’ve restarted the servers specifically for these type of issues.

You can view all of the information regarding the Aura here at the known issues page: Update on Known Issues | Lost Ark.

I hope this information has been of help, have a great day! :bird: