Crystalline Aura Dissapeared

Started playing yesterday at around 12pm or 1am UK time when the servers were back up. I claimed both the aura from the devs as a way of saying sorry for servers being down, and i also claimed the twitch drop aura and activated them at the same time. the crystalline aura from prime was 2 days if i remember correctly, and the one from the devs was 3, or the other way round i really cant remember. But today, I log in and my aura is gone, although i only have 6 hours or so on the game

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Mine was gone but then it came bachY-day today i had it earlier but now i dont and have been online for 1-1,5h and it has not reappeared, also rewards in my product inventory is gone… i had 3 chest there + 3 day aura…

I have to ask what the hell s going on i paid for this aura and i’m not getting it??

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Mine disapeared too, they say you need to relog but im not doing that with a 10K queue to get in the server.

i mean i restarted game and i was in 600 player queue and it was only like 5 minutes, but my stuff still isnt there

Yes. Aura buff doesn’t work, no free teleports, no additional bifrost points, nothing.

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FIXED i went offline for a while, maybe hour or 2 and came back and even though im in a 6000 player queue it says crystalline aura active so

Well, its not fix, i dont want to relog and wait another 3 hrs in queue to check aura is working or not.

Reloged. Still doesn’t work. Gold Founders Pack.

Same for me, my 6 day aura deasappeared yesterday

So, I logged into the game again this morning - 7:00 AM CET and aura and crystals were still missing. It must be related to error that Shop is in maintenance when I click on the Store icon. I don’t believe that store was in maintenance as other players whose aura was active were able to access the shop. It seems that some accounts are loosing access to shop server. Happened to me also on Friday evening.

Same here guys, i logged in after few hours break, and my aura just dissapeared, and i was like what is going on here ? xD i made a ticket for this case, so waiting.

Hi, my crystalline aura dissapeared and all auras i buy on market… WTF how can i get it again???

Another day and AURA still disabled.
It will be 4th day in a row.