Crystalline Aura is not on effect

I activated my crystalline aura when i got the founder pack and now it says that it expired and also the founder title i had and the 5 and 3 days of crystalline aura in the product inventory disappeared too.
I play on Slen and my in-game character name is Stropeala.

I too have lost my Crystalline Aura on the server. I bought Starter Pack on another character as moved server to join friends but also have a founders pack.

I’m hoping this gets resolved :frowning:

Same happened to me. When I relogged I got the aura back within 10 minutes though.

Same happend here as well, activated 3 days, was gone after relog

same here

same here!

same for me aswell

Slen EU


Lost it also


Same here lost 33 days - playing over 1 hours now after relog and its not comming back.


Hello guys,

we are writing about it here:

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry about the Issue with crystalline aura not available.We are aware that the in-game store is currently down in some regions, and are working to get this fixed. Please also note that some items in your Product Inventory, as well as Crystalline Aura, may not appear immediately after logging in. There may also be a delay on the delivery of purchased Starter Packs. These issues will resolve as you continue to play, and your items will appear shortly.

If issue Persists even after relogging in please update your Info in this thread-

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.