Crystalline aura is not powerfull enough

I know what you will tell me already, but let me explain


The aura is good for the bifrost and the pet, no doubt about that, but would be nice to get more chaos aura and more guardian soul per day, and maybe one dungeon more per week.

And you will tell me, you ask for a pay to win game, and now its time for my trap card.

Because the game is already pay to win, you can with your mastercard get all the gold you want, then all the mat you want, without even play the game, so what i ask is clearly nothing if you compare.


I just want to play more, that is all, what do you guys think about that ?


I think the way you phrase posts with these pictures doesn’t help.

But I’d like to see more added to aura, like some dye options as that’s expensive. Maybe a limited cosmetic change once a month like hair/make up only. Fashion is true end game of every MMO and there’s not enough low budget flexibility.


honestly i stopped taking any of his threads seriously when he started doing this.

Anyway our aura is nerfed compared to other regions and rightfully so, i wouldnt say no to some extra dye benefits tho.


Dude the pictures are 10/10, the fact that it makes people upset is like taking it up to another level.

Well done.

Btw I didn’t read your post but based off the pictures I agree with w/e you say


what the aura do in other version ?

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Just for clarity, the pictures aren’t upsetting. They just don’t help put the point across, and in fact take away from it.

I think discussing what we get from our Aura is a great idea, and while I don’t agree with OPs suggestions that doesn’t mean its not just conversation worth having.


that will hardly happen. Yes it stinks P2W a lot. Furthermore they already have bad experience with selling “tickets” to chaos/raids/dungs from season 1 and historically made them go away. So they won’t reintroduce them in even more harsh environment then before.

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I just find it funny tbh, I had a good laugh at the pictures and I can see how it can take away from the message for some but tbh it makes it light hearted and more fun to read than like the literal essays people type out on here haha.

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although this kinda sounds like battlepass job. Given you are talking more about “daily/weekly/montly” one time rewards rather then a “persistent buff/QoL/ability”


Yeah it’s okay for some threads ^^
He just does it in every single post so it gets a bit tiresome if I’m honest :sweat_smile: I chuckled the first couple of times he did KEKL in threads, now I’m like damn this dude has a whole library at his disposal >.<


i admit i use them all the time, sorry for this.


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Someone in another thread said that BDOs premium thing let’s you dye for free. No idea how their system works as I’ve not played since launch time.

I’d like to ask for that here but I just feel that dye is a big income earner for KR so its unrealistic. But I also feel cosmetics are currently too expensive?

Like rather than the limited hair change idea, I’d prefer a barber. But I feel getting the limited ticket is more realistic?



What you guys should do to improve the crystal premium effect is that you should make it like bdos value pack and actually make it worth buying . Sure the pet n bitfrost is nice so is the free teleports . What crystal is missing is the benefits .

  • letting us dye any armor that we want as long as crystal is active .

  • Let us change our appearance as many times as we want while crystal is active .

  • Let us tmog gear while crystal is active .

  • Let us have 5 extra una’s dailies and una’s comp tasks while crystal is active .

  • Let us have 2 extra weeklies with una while crystal is active

  • Maybe a 10% honing material extra drop rate from daily chaos dungeons while crystal is active only .

  • Give active crystal users 500 royal and 500 blue crystals once a month from the date they activated crystaline .( Kinda like how swtor does cartel coins grant for subs . )

Give us something worth while to make it worth rebuying and activating crystal .

Yes, the game has pay to win elements but that is the reason for a ton of the feedback the forums have been receiving. A ton of people know this but the scale has never tipped so heavily that it becomes super unfavorable to non-swipers and casual swipers. What you’re asking for just essentially tips the scale more towards swiping.

The aura already is mandatory honestly for most hardcore players and whales so It’s highly unlikely it will get any more additions. Too much convenience to ignore.

I wouldn’t mind cosmetic adjustments like in BDO one has but that would hurt their wallet so I dont see it happening.

no i hate dailies already, how would you like do 5 more :frowning:

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I would love to do 5 more it’s how you gear up

What if aura had its own reward page? So every X amount of days paid you could pick something that’s not game breaking.

Also no need to swipe for aura in this game its extremely affordable with blue crystals from gold. So I feel asking for too much added to it won’t work as its pretty cheap?

and what about gear up doing the content ? More chaos dungeon, more guardian ?

We don’t play the game for dailies

I think this might not b the game for you then.

the dailies are low designed, its very boring to do, no one can like them, people do them only for what it give, i do them only with rest xp.