Crystalline Aura not activated

Hi There - I right clicked the crystalline aura item in my inventory. The system message log indicates that 30d of the aura had been added, but it does not appear to be activated on my account. Any ideas what went wrong?


i got the same issue dunno what to do


Same issue here. Restarted game and nothing

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Same, seems to be quite a few people with this bug

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Same issue. Clicked the item in inventory, it disapeared but cystalline aura is not active.

I wanna say I clicked the item too fast but sounds like im not alone

Thanks for the reports, the team is being made aware. I also encourage anyone affected to open a support ticket to help get things resolved: Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games


If anyone affected by this bug is able to message me their Steam ID to help the team investigate this issue, it would be much appreciated


Restarted LA and the Crystalline Benefit applied.
Now im in a 8300 que… .

Hey Roxx, I also have the issue. here’s my steam ID: 76561198077939353

Hey Roxx idk how to private message here or if it even works. Here is my Steam ID i have the same Problem.
Steam ID: 76561198107032179

having the same issues as well.

Steam ID 76561198055370846

FYI Restarting seems to have applied the crystalline benefit. You just have to requeue unfortunately

Thank you for your Steam IDs everyone! It seems restarting the game resolves this issue for most folks, but we will continue to investigate regardless

having to the same issues as well.
Steam ID 76561198152463761

3 Restarts did not help, A filecheck via Steam did not help

my Steam ID: 76561198049769919

I tried to restarting the game it doesn’t help for me

ID Steam: 76561198049082240

I was streaming during opening it for a friend of mine as well:

please help :smiley:

My Steam id: 76561198021693947

Same here, my id: 76561198216201859

Hey Roxx, same, my steam ID: 76561198092802483

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