Crystalline Aura not activated

It fixeds itself

now it appears in the login screen as if I had it, but in game it appears as de-activated

Hi, same problem as everyone with the icon of crystalline aura applied (on the upper right corner) when selecting a server but it gone ingame, as are all the drops, chests and goodies I hadn’t opened yet.

ID steam: 76561198086641816
Server: Trixion

same problem here aura not active and cant redeem prime items steam id : 76561198032275720

same problem
ID Steam : 76561198003861408

Steam ID 1138394715 same problem

Same problem.
Steam ID: 76561197989387237
Server: Kadan (EU central)

Since today i have the same problem whit the Crystalline Aura.
My ID Steam is: 76561198114177111
And I play in Trixion server whit nickname Arrowette.

steam id : knomnom

Same problem
Steam ID: 76561198155129056
Character name: Kaiseru
Server: Wei

Same issue as everyone else that is posting here.
steam id: 76561197997940031

Same issue
Steam id: 76561198375835935
Server: Neria

Same here, activated Crystaline aura, didn’t work, also all of my items received into my chest when i started the game are all gone.
Steam ID: 76561198062389214

Server: Trixion

steam id: 108227833

SteamID: 76561197960299446
I had like 33 days or something left.

Steam ID: 76561198040670205

Used both the 30day and 3 day and says I don’t have aura activated.

Steam ID: 76561198802517285

Hi, i have the same problem in my server can’t redem any chest and appears and disappears every login i buy a bronce founders pack and cant use my 30 days cristaline aura or amazon prime 5 days :frowning:
Server: Aldebaran
ID: 76561198045693225

ID: 76561198054293592

Tnx a lot.

Steam ID: 76561198008499728

Says applied in the starting of the game but no effect.
Also the 3 Days you sent disappeared from my Product Inventory (I didn’t use it).