Crystalline Aura not extending?!

Feb 9 in Sydney Australia, installed Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack that comes with 30 days of Crystalline Aura

March 9 I purchased Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack that comes with 30 days of Crystalline Aura

Today I purchased another 30 days in store to make it 90 days of Crystalline Aura from 09/02/2022

This is a snip of my aura taken when writing this post

my aura should be until 10/05/2022

The extend button when checking aura takes you to the store.

Is this a bug, miss translation? is the extend button supposed to say buy?

Please forgive me if this is obvious, but did you use the crystalline aura item?

There are problems with crystalline aura appearing and disappearing too, so I’d keep an eye on it.

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I do have the same question MorriganGrey has, we do need to activate the “crystalline aura” item @Babyhunts .

To answer your question, yes, it is an option for you to access the store directly from there and I can confirm the aura should stack.

It can be related to the commerce server issue we experienced, I do recommend you to reach us via chat if you activated the aura and it is not reflected.

You can reach us here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

You can also reach us if you want us to check your account and confirm the crystalline aura is reflected from our end.

Note: Thank you for taking the time to reply @MorriganGrey :slight_smile:

Have a great week everyone and best of lucks Babyhunts.


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I have activated them in game and that’s why I’ve made the post, will contact via the contact us form to sort it out, thank you.

Similar thing happened to me yesterday, got twitch prime goodies with 5 days of aura, activated it, item didn’t vanish like all consumables do and 5 days weren’t added to my time. I login today, item is gone, aura time is still same as yesterday. Not sure what to do next @Stooh

Update tonight, Aura is now updated and extended until 23/05/2022 after applying another one from prime loot.

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First, glad to hear that @Babyhunts and thank you for taking the time to reply.

I’d recommend you to try basic troubleshooting steps with the game (restart, verify game files) then reach us via chat if the issue persist @mangamaniak2 .

These are the steps to verify game files: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

I hope this info helps, have a good one everyone.


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