Crystalline Aura not there after claiming it

I just bought a new Crystaline Aura to EXTEND my aura, and claimed it…but it’s not there…

I have a couple of days left of the aura that came with the Founder’s Pack. So I clicked the EXTEND button, paid for it, then clicked the claim button as I was supposed to.

But now I don’t see it…I still only have a couple of days left of the old aura showing.

I am on US West, Valtan server.

Where has my Aura gone?

If this is not solved, I want my money back.

i also bought crystalline aura from the shop for 420 blue crystals to extend it, but it didnt work. same issues. i also tried to restart, verify steam files, nothing worked. i am on us east avesta. this feels really bad.

It does feel bad…

I used real-life cash to pay for my aura, and I am getting mad.
They cant just take our money and give nothing in return.

Just happened to me as well. I tried to claim +3 months using Blue Crystals and ran into the same issue.

US-WEST, Mari Server

Edit: Ha, thanks @Destiny1 forgot to check the most obvious place.

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Whoever deals with this… could someone please help us with our missing Crystaline Aura’s …please…

Don’t worry… I found it…

What a weird way to do it when you already claimed it… very convoluted.

It was in my characters inventory… which I couldn’t see it before.
I did look…


jesus christ im an idiot - my inventory was super messy so i didnt see it


lol… me too

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