Crystalline aura not working ingame

Dear Amazonians

Crystalline aura does not work for me.
In the main menu, it displays that i have it.

In game it isn’t there.

I tried verifying local files, it does not fix it.

It would be awesome if you looked into it.

Kind Regards

Hi @Christoffer_jh

Welcome back to the Lost Ark forum, I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

I do apologize for this bug on the Crystalline Aura you are experiencing.

For troubleshootings, we only have the basic ones for this one; proceed to Restart your PC and launch the game one more time.

If you’re still having problems, we need you to contact AGS customer support for further assistance.

Have the dxdiag ready in case they ask for it, instructions for generating a DXdiag:

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Wish you the best and a nice week.

I’ve launched the game 5 times trying to fix this.


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EUC commerce server which handle everything store / aura is been having intermittent issues it seems based off the reports you guys have had when the communication between it and the game server drops the game server turns off those features and once it reconnects it will come back nothing you can do expect wait for server team to investigate but being weekend its kind of hard to get a current update outside of that honestly.

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It’s a damn shame, I’m not trying to be salty but a part of me feels If this happen to their NA servers they would have been more communicative about the issue…

as much as people make it seem like that , we would be in the same case as you honestly its the same server team that handles both NA and EU it just depends when the team is aware of it and whos active at the time of the report

My issues are resolved after this maintenance


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