Crystalline Aura Not Working

I will definitely do that if the support page stops giving errors trying to load.

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same problem i just contact and say the problem here Contact Us i hope they will reply and fix it fast :frowning:

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I am having the same issue.

The first time I re-logged yesterday it took some minutes for the 3 days aura to activate, but since the next two log ins it is just not working overall, which is too bad.

I thought it had something to do with the server issues, but currently the servers in Europe are fine and I am still having the same issue.

Looking forward to a fix and some extra time!

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Same issue normally takes about 3mins to apply but this time i had to restart the game for it to be applied, and now have to sit in another 15,000 person queue, really an annoying bug.

Same issue, aura worked yesterday but now it’s not working.

Same issue with the Crystaline Aura.

same issue with the crystaline aura can you fix this

my aura isnt working too
server kadan
name Zyso

I miss Aura too.
server Kadan
name Delrian

Still not got my aura or crystals back been 4 hours logged in, still nothing, will update if any changes

Hi, my one month Crystalline Aura +free 3day has gone too
In Game Name: Bepoo
Server Zinnervale (EU)

Yep, also crystaline aura disappeared and can’t access shop
IGN: Aoshi
Server: Zinnervale

My crystalie aura is working on the characters that i create in diferent regions trying out the game latency while wating for my friends to play on 11 feb, and now we decide the regeion to play together but any of the new characters that i create since feb 11 dont have the aura.

Same problem, crystaline aura turning off and on since like friday/saturday. Now its totaly bricked. I can’t use my bifrosts, i have to pay for tp’s. We paid for something to improve the game, it’s duration is going by and we get noting in return?

My aura from yesterday is not working too :frowning: HELP ME NERIA server IGN: Ziabka

for three days after logging into the game, I don’t have my aura, even though I bought a founders pack. yesterday I used my 3-day aura with primegaming just to get my benefits. I’m logging in today without queuing, and it still doesn’t work … just like the shop. Somehow everything works for my friends, fix it finally.
Neria; IGN: Yinffaren

Same here


Me too, lost my Aura buff since 15/02 morning (around 7 UTC). Yesterday night was fine…
IGN : Bryzeis
Server : Kadan

Also, my blue crystals are gone too… had like 3k.

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Lost my Aura aswell
IGN: DarkLope
Server: Sceptrum