Crystalline aura, store and market doesn work

crystalline aura, store and market doesnt work. i relogged two times with queue and queue but noithing. i dont have any other crystalline box and purchase inventory dont work. damn

It happened to me wait for like an hour or two and you will get the aura back :slight_smile:

There is definitely something up with the shop, I can’t purchase from there; as the steam overlay never shows up despite being enabled

im online from 5 hours about, nothing.

@ficosempre : Yes - you signed in when the store was still up.

Please use this thread for crystalline aura / store related issues: Crystaline Aura is not working - #73 by Peanutkiller

Yeah my aura is gone, crystals, the extra founders packs. Basically everything store related, can’t open shop either. Normally when this occurs I can see the crystalline benefit in the menus, but I can’t now.

I bought a 30 day Aura from the shop last night and activated it. Now, the Aura shows as active on the queue screen, but as soon as I get to the character select screen the Aura is not there, nor do I have access to the Store - I get the message “The Marketplace is under maintenance”. I know the Store works, my friend on the same server has Store /Aura working just fine.

I thought it was an issue on my end so I have tried a full game exit and restart (yes, another 8.7k queue yay) …still no aura or shop access…