Crystalline Aura swapped servers

I had Crystalline Aura from gold founder pack activated on the EU server Calvasus from 8 February and now after 11 hour maintenance (official launching) I wanted to play with some friends on another server (Beatrice server). My 30 days Crystalline Aura just moved to Beatrice server and I received a 3 day Crystalline Aura voucher on the Calvasus server. I didn’t want that to happen. Can my 30 days Crystalline Aura be moved back to the EU Calvasus server?

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Same thing happened to me. Activated the 3 day aura on alt on the server Sirius ( Dirken) and my aura from my main on the server Neria ( Kogge) got transferred somehow… Now i’m looking for a solution to this.

They are looking for a solution, some people has exactly the same problem (by an error, they said it’s locked by account, but it’s by server). I have the same prob with mounts, I’m on Trixion and opened my packs to have a pet and when I switch to Mokoko, I have nothing…

Apparently it’s fixed but I’m scared to try to enter the Beatrice server. Maybe it will swap again.

mine is still missing lucky i also had a 5day one i just activated thats on my account now

Can confirm it’s not fixed.

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Same issue happened to me. I had the Crystalline Aura active on my main character on CE Thirain server since I redeem my founder’s pack. Today I wanted to try the new West Europe region on Shadespire server and created a character there and noticed the Crystalline Aura was also activated there.
Earlier today when I entered on Thirain server I noticed the Crystalline Aura was gone.
Can someone assist on this issue ?