Crystalline aura won't be compensated?

I just read the last known issue topic and sadly all the information about the missing crystalline aura was :

Crystalline Aura Update

As for reports of missing Crystalline Aura, we put in a potential fix today that should improve the connections while we continue to work on a more permanent fix with Smilegate RPG.

You are putting potential fixes for this problem every few days, but none of them have solved it. And yet you still are acting like this is something given for free to us and not even mentioning a compensation. The 15k queue that I have to wait every night to play for 1-2 hours is not enough, but in top of that I can’t use my crystalline aura. It would be good to confirm if you will compensate this paid service as we are unable to use it!

So my aura Has been gone for 7 days bay now, no shop no aura, not even for hours when im on… the Huge Friggin queue aside where my qura tiemr just vanishes its NOT acceptable that i dont have any Aura for 7!!! Seven Days now in a row we Paid for it through foudner Packs and now we loose half of the 30 days through queue time AND then no fix on this? What are you guys gonna do about that? We NEED compensation. We did pay for this service through foudner packages and here yo uguys arent deliviering the product ( 30 days Aura) how will that be compensated?
also the fact that i have no access to my Store for 7 days now, soe the “Apology packages” we shoudl get… Well i Cant since the STORE is not working…

My aura keeps dropping every day, only half of the time it’s up…

i never got mine back since and nobody gived a damn about it