Crystalline Benefit aura is wasted because of cue time!

I bought the gold and silver pack and applied the Crystalline aura but since official launch i cant play the game! waited 6h on Friday (release day) played before maintenance 2h since then i managed on Saturday morning to play 1h had activated the aura… yesterday i waited in the cue 4h to get to 1248 position then i got disconnected from server cue (some error) and had to restart the cue. again position ~12000 so another 4h waiting… and i just did not play because it was to late… i know we got 3Day crystalline aura for free but come on… it’s for sh*t if i loose it for waiting in the cue!

and are you serious? i just have few hours to play in the week… should i try to connect in the morning and go to work for 8h, till i’m able to play the game? and who is paying for my electricity bill if i cue for 8h? without doing anything except waiting!

Why are there not limits to people that can register on a server? so cues are not like 12k… and slowly get more people on as people stop playing… or do a server pool…




my 11K QUEUE today was less than an hour, are you sure you didn’t miss the entry

i pretty sure, but mybe i did not notice the error because it stuck a 1248 position for a while ~1h then i thought something must be wrong and then it showed me an error

but today i started around 13:20 had a cue of 11500 and i’m still 7k position… and now it is 15:01

i am pretty confident that they will just give anyone a month of crystalline aura for compensation. let the situation cool down for the next few days

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They gave us three days of aura as compensation. Probably they’ll give some more.

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i know it will be better in a view weeks… and cues will be less but its just sad… that every launch it is the same… i stopped playing new world because i had hours of cue time and now i don`'t care playing it anymore… and never will again! i hope it will be different for lost ark, but i guess it will because its not so important to be max level fast

Well, wasn’t that predictable? I have saved my aura for later. I’m amazed at how many people have apparently never been through an MMO launch.

it is predictable, yes! and i played a lot of mmo’s but should the Publisher also think of it? its not the first MMO ever released and it happend a lot before. so :wink: just saying ^^ why should it the players problem? and not the one releasing the game!?

and i certainly don`t have a problem waiting for 10-20 min. of course it sucks but would be Mangabe…

You are right.
But we have already received a total of 5 days of compensation. There is currently no indication that this is not being handled fairly.

sadly now i need to turn off my pc after i waited in the cue for 2h, because the time i could have played is over for Sunday… and my kids need my attention… and in the evening i cant play… hurray! again another lost day…