Crystals and skin bugged

I still haven’t received the crystals and skin. I bought crystals one day to buy a skin from the store with the crystals and never received my skin. Separate occasion tried to buy crystals again with gold and never received the crystals and lost the gold. I just want a refund of gold at this point. I’m not sure if this recent patch was supposed to fix or refund me but would just like an update.

Hello @OpBailo,

i’m sorry you’re having issues with your missing crystals and skin.

Although most of the issues were fixed by the patch unfortunately this is still a known issue with few players are we are investigating as we speak.

In order to help you better and also to gather more information regarding your particular issue I would suggest you to contact our support via live medium and create a support TT with a case ID so it can be tracked and resolved in a timely manner.


I hope this information helps!

Feel free to reply back to this post if any issues.