Crystals are already out of reach for F2P Players

I hoped that converting gold into crystals will give F2P players access to more materials, skins and such as well but its almost impossible to afford them now. No wonder that more and more people started buying Gold from 3rd party sellers.

How about you do some research and find out how easy it is to obtain gold at later stages in the game.


That’s all I’m going to say.

Buy most likely

Clearly you’ve not played outside the EU/US beta/launch.

You can earn a lot of gold if you were to actually look over the content available and ways to make gold with the things you earn ingame without any need to pay real money.


Wait till argus is out. you make easily gold

So the “fix” ppl are using is what caused the problem in the first place? Nice

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Just for reference: You will pay 15.000 Gold - yes Gold - per honing attempt once you reach the current endgame. You will have a couple of hundred thousand gold at that point.

The current prices are really low.

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That explains why rare mounts and skins are upwards of 100k here after three weeks vs many 40k in korea after years, you’re right

People are definitely having more gold available here in three weeks of Una’s task chests and selling mats without even having full t3 like Korea, so I can see how we can afford double already, you’re right, people are definitely not buying from the millions of gold bots have farmed


Bot will be an issue in every system which is not KR, there you have to confirm your account with your ID, once per game. EU and NA will just suffer from this because there is no real fix to that


I’m worried about two points

1- this game encourages buying gold from outside and used bot because AH is limited by pheon coins and no one will purchase from you anything after a period of time so you need to sell only materials you need it !! or buy gold.

2- after a week blue crystals price will be 1700G approx. :slight_smile: and who talk about end game !! where is that gold ? we are T3 before a week now !! if there is no content until now there is a problem because after 1 week if you can’t make 1700 gold daily you will be behind everyone.

1700 gold daylie doesnt sound unrealistic in T3, even more if you get an alt in there. Once that is stated, i have to agree with you gold selling will make things harder, since gold will lose more value and then blue crystals might be even more expensive than RU and KR, so smilegate will have to monitor and fix this currency in our servers if bots are too powerful

Not unrealistic but really bad return for time investment if it takes someone all-day to get one dollar. You might as well put in more overtime over playing the video game. Bots need to be addressed sooner than later before it gets any worse.

How much have you made in real life? You sound amazing! Can we be in your fan club?

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no fan club, just use your brain and apply yourself. anything is possible in life. hard work pays off.

I normally keep a small amount of gold and I convert the rest as soon as possible to blue crystals because gold will lose value fast, and it isn’t because of bots and cheaters, is because the game is new here and more and more players are having more gold.

Even without bots and other illegal ways, it would lose value fast at the start.

And I don’t know on what people are spending blue crystals, I buy things from Mari’s Secret Shop and use to fast complete some Una’s Quests and no near blue crystal shortage.

That’s not how it works. It’s 40k in Korea because it’s old skins and while there is demand, it’s not as highly sought after as EU/NA because in EU/NA it’s a newer skin. The same reason PS5 will go down in cost after a few years, even though the console will still be popular.

Yea most of those Guides say use Cash shop or use it more.

Yes, you can make an absurd amount of gold by running maps and playing the market correctly but at some point, more people will catch on. And the price per time spent ratio considering all that is still not good… Someone is better off putting in overtime over playing the game and exchanging it all for gold. 200k is absolutely nothing considering how long the game has been out for.

Also, the market for a healthy game shouldn’t revolve around the small few that can get this kind of gold. You are not special, you just have knowledge a majority of the player base currently lacks but when more catch on everyone will be worse off.