Crystals are gone

Just logged in and my crystals are missing, im at 0, and ofc the crystalline aura isnt working but thats an known issue but why did i lose all my crystals? And i did buy yesterday some matterials from meris shop and i couldnt claim them, and now its not even showing in the product inventory.

Hello @beba

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I’m sorry to know about the missing crystals and crystalline aura not working for you. Both are known issues and our team is currently working on this. Please refer to the post in the link below for more information on this:

Thank you!

My Crystals and Crystalline aura disapered today morning and nothing change till now.

Hello @Drozd.

I’m sorry to hear that. Please be assured our team is aware of this issue and is working on it. Kindly refer to the thread I’ve attached above for more information on this.

Thank you!

My guardian stones dissapeared too… like 2k of them… they’re very valuable so please fix this asap.