Crystals deleted - Do any of you at Amazon understand what on earth you are doing?

I gave up around £20 of benefits and a lot of time to move over to EU West. My friend gave up an awful lot of time and resources to move over to EU West, so that all our other friends could join us instead of waiting 3 hours to get in game.

Now - with queues unchanged - you remove the 2 most decent incentives for people to move, even going so far as to pilfer them out of inventories:

  • 500 crystals gone
  • 14 day aura gone

Not only have you directly betrayed people willing to help you out, you are putting servers under threat of being underpopulated, betraying them again indirectly.

You failed to adequately explain how painless some situations can be to move regions (unspent Royal Crystals remain, aura is applied everywhere), failed to compensate adequately for time lost when changing regions… the utter incompetence is baffling - do you have corporate spies at top positions deliberately sabotaging the game?

Normal people kept their auras to use late game, exploiters would have cashed them in already and left - the only people you punished with zero notice move was normal players.

You need to

  • Reinstate bonuses - finally understand how to do it without getting exploited
  • Extend time to claim log-in bonuses for new players
  • Offer better compensation to people moving from EU Central
  • Boost the signal of how to move, the benefits people keep

At the moment Amazon seems hell-bent on garnering ill will.


This is a great post… +1

I hope it gets the attention it needs. Though after the initial release week and how they’ve acted towards most of the ‘community raised issues’ I’m not sure any of it will be addressed.

AGS have done nothing but confirm their absolute incompetence when it comes to games and the west… It’s a sad state of affairs.

And if you claimed day 3 and 6 and kept them in inventory you lose both crystals, aura and the ability to claim on the poor substitutes