Crystals from achievement lost?


I did the achievement where I should get 1000 crystals on 22nd Feb. It is well markes as completed in my log. I also received the crystals, but when I checked my balance today I do not have them anymore.
I am not aware of any purchase I would have made.
I would like to understand what happened.

Any ideas? Is there a way to follow the currency status (in/out) ?


What crystals? You mean the 50 friend achivement for Amathyst shards?

This are the purple event crystals, shards, fragments whatever you wanna call em and not blue crystals. :slight_smile:

Yes the reward for the 50 friends.
They seemed to me like the violet crystals you have in the shop, but yes can be I am mistaken.
Hovering over the achievement it tells me: ‘Amethyst Shard’

how can I see how many of them I have?

in any city you can find a Amathyst shard exchange and there you can see how many you have.
You get those from some achievements(like 50 friends). They don’t automatically go into your “currency” thing, you have to claim them.
If you press ESC under guide section there is universal inventory. thigns like that go in there and u have to claim them

thanks, I found them in the inventory tab where are also the trade skill items.