Cube Chest Not Rewarding Ticket

I purchased a North Vern Entrance Ticket Chest from the sylmael vendor but was not given a ticket when I opened the item.

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that is because it has a chance to give you a ticket. not a guarantee.

read carefully.


560 Bloodstones for a chance at a ticket that is rare? These tickets seems really really rare, I think I only gotten 1 in all the runs of chaos dungeons I did. And then when I bought the box I didnt read and spend 560 Bloodstones on silver…

It also says “This chest contains” right before opening. Language contradicts what it says on the screen when you first receive it. If they changed it to read “This chest may contain” or remove that text like all the other random chance chests I have in my inventory, it would be less confusing.

true, wording is not the strongest feature here. but if you have paid attention before while going through the story, engraving books and cards have the exact same wording are worded the same.

if you opened this ticked chest and you noticed “ooh damn, its just a chance, now i see it” is a more reasonable behavior than opening a support ticket lol

Just encountered this myself, and holy fuck is it annoying that you can’t even get 1 guaranteed ticket a week for what’s objectively a lot of bloodstones.

Haven’t gotten any out of chaos dungeons either :slight_smile:

its litereally written there “chance that you can obtain one of the following items”, i don´t know whats not understandable here.

You also need to see that you need to help your guild level up. Make sure you are doing the weekly quests or your guild is activating them. They can upgrade the store levels eventually and increase the chests you can get to 3 a week yes it will take time but it is worth it for an active guild to boost the store and give more chances to members.

And the chests always have yellow lettering in multiple other chests that say “chance” or “random” or “select” this has been shown to you multiple times but many people do not take a step back and look at everything. The cube should not have a dedicated way to gain entrance as if so it would be from chaos and not be needed to buy another chance IMO.