Cube Solo Entry Warnings Needed

As the solo “enter” button is way easier to press by accident, and as solo is much much harder then with a full party, Please give a warning reminding that we picked “Solo” entry before immediately going in.

There are times where a misclick caused me to enter the cube solo, where it is much harder and taxing to clear. Unfortunately there is no way to undo once you have clicked enter and you either lose your tickets, or proceed to do the cube in a 1000x harder fashion.
Just like how you can’t solo a weekly abyss dungeon, Cube should give a warning upon attempting a solo entry.

Sure. It is my fault to carelessly press the solo enter button by mistake, but as its the button is way larger and visually stands out, its an easy mistake to make with a huge punishment. It makes something fun and rewarding turn into something hated.

Again, it is the user’s fault to do this, but just as players can make a mistake on collecting items no the wrong character (when purchasing Mari’s Shop items), and you ARE given a warning, I think that cube solo entries should also have a warning.