Cube takes all tickets

You can check my twitch vod to clearly see i had 3 cube tickets completed my first run and now i have 0 after 1 run. I am so desperate for stars breaths I’m about to start an ofans to break out of the pit of t1 honing failures at +14 for a week now. If this is a problem can you at least make cube tickets roster bound? Also on another note any chance to have a merchant to convert my 85k t1 honing shards i have from 85 1k unopened bags? Thought it was 10k find out its 100k shards and i needed 10-20k tops. This was gut wrenching enough but now my 1st alt is lagging behind and im stuck at t1 from this bug gobbling my tickets like a hungry hungry hippo and utter abysmal honing rates using max stars breath and metallurgy as it is wiping out my gold supplies. The thought of having to burn through blue crystals for t1 honing materials is also sad.

also to note im 230+hrs in and stuck at t1 which seems like utter nonsense from the islands and other work im putting any available i have into. I feel bad for my friends who have kids and less time then I, this cube bug would set them back weeks not just days.

There is an option before you enter the cube to use 3 tickets in one run to receive 3x reward chest. That box was most likely checked before you entered.