Cube trials are fun

Anyone else love this? I am head over heels and scream with excitement whenever I see a shiny blue entrance. I don’t know. WIth how tedious and braindead Cube can be sometimes, I just hope every time that I go in, that I will see blue entrances because that gives me adrenaline. The pattern bombing are the most fun IMO because it keeps me on my tippy toes the whole time.

I love cube trials, no cap

I love cube trials, but kinda disappointed cuz it doesn’t have darkness and fog on the floor like in tower. and the duration is way too short, i barely warm up.

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Oh man I miss doing towers on ilvl
Hopefully with T3 tower :slight_smile:

i think they should add floors like 47 from t2 tower! i really enjoyed getting hit by one thing and then getting perma cc’d for a slow and agonizing death.

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Yeah, getting around and dodging and finally be able to clear floor 47 after a good 5 minutes on ilvl was very exhilirating and I could feel my blood pumping up to my face real fast whenever I dodged with a sliver of pixels away from the AoEs

That was good, hard content (excluding the future legion raids (and valtan) that will be a lot more harder and have patterns that will be fun to memorize)

i was being sarcastic! man that shit took me like over an hour it was not fun just painful

floor 50 of t2 was pretty fun tho, it felt like a fight where you actually could play well, instead of just rng AOEs that fk you haha

I like everything about tower,
It gives a lot of roster EXP which fuels my completionist mindset and a sense of fulfillment
I feel complete whenever I master a pattern
and it also gives 1 time rewards + materials for your future alts

cube is boring , boss rush is boring, chaos dungeon are boring. its all too easy, they need to add hardmodes.

True that those game modes are boring and literally not having to pay any attention to
I just can’t wait for Hell mode to be released and also the rest of the legion raids so I can have my itty bitty of weekly hard struggles

I don’t think a lot of people understand sarcasm. So let me spell it out: CUBE is B O R I N G.
NO challenge, rewards sucks, please make the 3x give us 3x rewards.