[Curated Community][Group Finder][NA/EU/SA] Arkesia Adventurer's Lodge

Hello! I represent the Arkesia Adventurer’s Lodge.

Who we are

We are a new, curated, community-focused group finder for Lost Ark. Our goal is to enable people to more easily clear daily/weekly content without the hassle of matchmaking or premade groups, which can end up wasting a ton of time we don’t always have. For running daily Guardians or weekly Abyssal Dungeons on your main or alts, this is the perfect place to either find a party or fill a slot in yours.

Why join the Lodge?

Members of the Lodge are expected to either know the mechanics or be willing to learn them and use whatever items are necessary (if necessary) to complete the content. Having this expectation reduces the daily burden of clearing content. I personally have 9 characters, and when I coordinate with a friend, we are able to complete my alts’ Guardians in about 30 minutes. Friends or Guild members aren’t always available when we need them. By utilizing the party-finder and members from this community, we can play with anybody, as long as they are in the same region. This enables us to queue with a larger pool of players.

Who would benefit from joining the Lodge?

Anybody who wishes to more easily clear daily content without having to use in-game matchmaking, or if your friend(s) aren’t available to clear content with when you are.

This sounds like a guild. Is it one?

Unlike a guild, we have no contribution requirements or expectations of participation in either events or voice chats, etc. Outside of our behavioral requirements (no egomaniacs, no toxic or elitist members, etc) we have few rules or expectations. Come and go as you please, just don’t be an ass! That’s all we ask.

How it works

After your application is accepted, each member will be given a Trial Member role. Each Trial Member has 14 days from the day of being accepted to complete 2 Guardian Raids and 2 Abyssal Dungeons with either a veteran member volunteer or Mentor, whereby, upon completion, you will either be accepted or denied based on various criteria. (I think it’s obvious by now the type of member we’re looking for)

Interested in joining? Have any questions?

Feel free to join our Discord where our rules and expectations are posted. We have anti-bot protections in place which require multi-step user verification. There is a very short application that is handled inside of Discord via a bot and takes no more than 1 or 2 minutes tops to complete.


We have an application and tightened server security to ensure that both the prospective member and our community is a good fit for each other, and to eliminate unnecessary spam from bots. Bots/new users to the server are unable to view our member list, eliminating this unnecessary spam.

Where we’re at

Currently, we only support NA East and West; however, I encourage anybody from EU to still join, as we will expand our support to the Central and West servers as we expand. Currently, I am a 3-man team as far as applications/trial runs are concerned for NA East. I have 1 NA West staff member.

Where we’re going

In order to expand to EU Central and EU West, we will need volunteers to apply for these positions. I will make an application within the coming days. If we get enough interest for SA members, we can expand there as well.

Community Roles

I will be looking to add Mentors to our ranks. Mentors help people out! Additionally, Mentors can volunteer to run people through their Trials. As a Mentor, during trial evaluations, you will be responsible for determining that both the community and Trialing Member are a good fit for each other. As you can tell, we put an emphasis on quality members over quantity, otherwise, we could just use the in-game party finder.

I will also be looking to add an EU Central and EU West Region coordinator. These positions’ primary goal will be to make sure that their respective regions’ channels and communications are being moderated appropriately. Additionally, you will bridge the gap between our continents and vet potential Mentors in your respective regions, as well as handle Trial runs.

Final Notes

I will be relying on those that join to help shape this community. Being curated will mean that the application process may not be instantaneous. We are deliberately making access to this server require a little bit of effort, but we are confident it is not too tedious. After all, the health of the community takes priority over everything else, and members that do not align with the spirit of our community will be removed if necessary.

Whether you join or not, we hope you have a great experience in Lost Ark!

Arkesia Adventurer’s Lodge Discord


Nice!! hope to see you in game :slight_smile:

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Excited to have this join this new community. Hope to see some new memebers in game !

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