Curiosity of why ags found the critical error on tonight's patch? about 3hrs before server was about to go down for maintenance

Hello ags, I am just curious do you get patch from smilegate day before you post about your patch notes and dont have time to test it out?

If that’s not the case how is it possible to find critical error before few hours when maintenance was suppose to happen? do you guys not test the patch in advance?

I believe this happen before forgot which patch it was but anyway was looking forward to the patch.

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no, Smilegate get the patch from Smilegate to then deploy. AGS get patch notes and put them out that’s it.

Incompetence located in the testing/qa area’s or lack of testing/qa

April update

update delayed J/K not really

They definitely need a better QA/Testing team, and when I say ‘they’ I mean SMILEGATE.

They probably forgot a lot of people took an extended vacation from the long weekend.