Currencies and information overload

Hello everyone, this is my attempt at giving constructive feedback after 150+hours. I would ask the community to please refrain from replying what-aboutisms or “if you don’t like it you can play another game” comments. This is feedback, it’s how the game makes me feel, don’t try rationalize this into a “right or wrong” conversation.

After reaching level 50, I tried to get into the various activities and events available to me, and found myself lost in the sheer variety of coins, tokens, symbols and other rewards in the game. I still have dozens (not hyperbolic) of chests stored that I don’t know what to do with.

There is no clarity (from my perspective) as to what I may be able to obtain with the different coins, and I find myself afraid of spending them on anything, for fear of missing out on the “right” stuff. Simply put: the sheer amount of currencies is anxiety inducing to me. I find myself avoiding to engage in the content of the game because every time I do I get rewards that I don’t know what to do with… So now I just do pvp, cause at least I understand how it works.

Would it be possible to reduce the number of different currencies available in the game? A lot of them (such as voyage coins such as Gienah, sceptrum etc) are basically the same and could be normalized as one currency.

I find myself having to either google search or go on youtube for tutorials every time I want to do something. New sailors ? google. New mount? Google. New boat? Island event? World boss? Hidden quest? The game doesn’t provide the clarity necessary for me to navigate it without constantly alt-tabbing.
With the content that will get added regularly (new classes, new regions, new dungeons…), the risk of information overload for players who are not already at the latest tier of content is high.

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Use Flares in Raids


When you went through story how many times have you pressed “G” ?

To a point I agree, the game doesn’t really do well at educating you in what mats or items to choose from the selection chest, Needing where to find things via google also isn’t that uncommon in an MMORPG, it’s in fact the norm half the time.

And the number of currencies? Please even GW2 has tons more.

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I got one advice and one answer for you.

  1. take 30 mins to watch a T1 guide because there is way too much stuff to process we are playing something like 2 years of releases of an MMO right from the beginning. So no need to be ashamed angry or whatever its all ok. Just watch some guides and chill to figure out what needs to be saved and what needs to be used.

  2. there is somekind of fair point with coins but there are bigger global balance and issues that makes this coin thingy a drop of water in the ocean, you wont have much weight or followers on this demand.

PS : once you are done watching guides keep your secondary screen with Maxroll on it will help you a ton while progressing for everytime you need to look onto something specific.

Good luck and have fun !

THe reason there are different coins is because there are different tiers/levels/difficulties in the game.

The reason there are so many coins for the Sea content is because each region has their own value and “exclusive” purchases, they want you to do a certain region event to get the items related to it, if they changed them all to just pirate coins, everyone would do just punika coop event and buy from all the regions since it is the same coin

Hi everyone, and thank you for reading.

I will say it again because apparently it wasn’t clear in the OP.
I don’t need an explanation as to why it is this way. I don’t need advice. I don’t care whether there are more currencies in other games (and what does that have to do with anything anyway???).

This is the feedback section, so I’m providing feedback. If you don’t feel the same way, good for you, I’m glad you’re having a good time. I, for one, am bothered by it. Not because I don’t know how to play, not because I don’t understand why it is the way it is. But because I think it is poor design and that it goes against the fun and the fact that this is a game that should be easy to understand to maximize the immersion and entertainment.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

This is a really poor way to approach giving feedback. If you’re not willing to think about why things are the way they are, how are you going to say its bad game design?

Because that’s not what feedback is.

If I tell you “I hate how this car drives, it feels sluggish and unresponsive”, and you answer with “but that’s because it’s a new kind of engine that works differently than the ones you are used to”, it doesn’t change the way I feel about the car. It will still feel sluggish. Your comment is worthless to me.

Feedback isn’t an opportunity for ME to learn how the game works. Feedback is an opportunity for the devs to understand how different players receive and enjoy (or don’t) their game. It’s up to THEM to decide if my feedback is worth their time and effort or not. I’ve done my part. If they decide they don’t care, that’s okay with me, I’ve said my peace.