Currency bindings make no sense!

There are 3 currencies in game:

white crystals - account bound
blue crystals - server bound/rooster bound
gold - server bound/rooster bound

yet there are shop items which can only be purchased ONCE per account. So everyone who wants to switch server cant purchase said items again because the availability shows 0/1 - even if its a complete different server REGION! Makes absolutely no sense and is just one more reason NOT TO SWITCH servers.

Also product inventory is server region bound - NOT accound bound. So you have white crystals account-wide available but the stuff you buy with it is server bound and you cant activate/access stuff from your product inventory in another server region. But “somehow” the other server region knows your excact white crystal amount.

I tell you this is on purpose and another reason NOT TO SWITCH server region.

This system is plain stupid - if you want players to switch servers - make product inventory region unlocked.

+1 switch ALL upgrade items to be account bound this is SO boring.

“yet there are shop items which can only be purchased ONCE per account”

Which ones? I could buy all limited items again in another region, for example crystal packs, card decks, etc.

There is a box for 1.100 crystal which gives you blue crystals on level up. Good value/money … but its accountbound 0/1 if you bought it already on another server/region.


Oh okay. Didn’t noticed that. Thank you.