Currency Exchange Ate my gold

I had went to purchase some crystals with in game gold so I could get some stars breath for upgrading my weapon. I had paid 90 gold for 95 crystals and never received my crystals. I logged out and closed my client in hopes that it would fix the issue.

But it didn’t I went and looked at the currency exchange again and noticed the price changed twice and went back to 90 again so I foolishly tried to buy another 95 crystals for 90 gold and received nothing and had my 180 gold taken.

Any chance I could get a GM to send me my crystals or gold back please? I’m very poor atm :frowning:

Transactions showed up in history after a little and I was able to cancel them. I did get an error saying cannot process request and try again later but I’m hopeful I will be able to process it later tonight.

few hours later I was able to refund the gold

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Did you click the “Claim” button on the History tab?


They never showed up in the history tab for some reason

Thanks, was having this exact issue and didn’t notice the claim button.


Have same issue. How can I solve the problem?