Currency exchange in SA region

Hello to everyone

My name is kikxu and i am not a guy that usually likes posting, besides that, english is not my primary language so i am sorry if i misspell something (not using translator btw). With all that said, i am concerned about the current currency exchange in SA region which seems to be in a weird spot compared to all other regions in the game, i could see that in NA and EU blue crystals are less than 1k gold each 100 (pls correct me if i’m wrong), here in SA since the last big update (Summer skins and hell valtan) the price went up like crazy until now that costs 1600-1700g each 100 blue cristals, which is actually stopping players in their in-game progress since buying 100 pheons is like 15k-17k gold, and that seems a lot. I know SA economy is not the same as NA or EU and exchanging money for gold in SA should feel “normal” to our actual economy but i dont know if this should make players to pay more for the same stuff that other regions have, like pheons, Mari’s shop and so on. Gold inflation is a thing but i hardly doubt now is the time for it to happen since in korea blue crystals are between 2k-3k gold, this with the content and weekly gold generation difference of course.
I’m not asking to change the in-game prices or anything like that, but i would like to know if we should get used to this prices or if we should expect something to happen in later updates.


They don’t seem to care enough about us tbh, this is a problem we knew would come without localized prices and we have been asking for a change since release, best is to not spend