Currency exchange makes me feel like an idiot

i know im beating a dead horse here but how tf does the exchange make any sense? at this point its almost worth taking the risk on getting banned from the annoying bots shouting around just to simplify things. can a dev make a walkthrough for us or break it down barney style?

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Currency exchange is player driven economy if im right? nothing that dev can make walkthrough on. Players list their crystals/gold and exchange them. ofc at the moment people that progressed to t2/t3 can single handedly control the market since they earn lot more gold from activity in game

i get that its player driven and whatnot, but the math makes no damn sense, how is it X gold per 1 RC = XX gold but cost is actually X gold per 1 RC = xx gold (xxxxx RC)

Neverwinter has a similar system but that game doesnt have 1mil players and isnt plagued by the top streamers in existance so with those corrupt E Gamers abusing it 24/7 on most servers its prolly gonna be totally broken.

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there is no math. players that went further in game and get lot of gold are dropping prices and using it to get crystals. its pretty simple.

Every value you see in the currency exchange is based on units of 100 crystals.

when you see 330 gold - XXX crystals:

  • it means its 330 gold per 100 cyrstals and there are XXX crystals avaliable.
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Think of the WoW Token. It’s pretty much the same.

never heard of it